Blacklegged Ticks

Blacklegged ticks have become increasingly abundant in many regions of Canada. These arthropods are considered to be a major public health threat due to their ability to transmit a wide range of human illnesses including Lyme disease and anaplasmosis. Learn more about Bayer’s control solutions.

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DeltaGard® SC,containing the active ingredient deltamethrin, is now labelled for control of blacklegged ticks. It is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide registered for control of ticks, ants, chinch bugs, cutworm and sod webworm on turfgrass.

For blacklegged tick control, treat with DeltaGard SC at a rate of 12 mL per 100 m2 in a carrier volume of 8 L per 100 m2. Apply to the parts of the course that are most susceptible to tick populations, such as long grass (native roughs and bunker faces), tree-lined perimeters, dense shrubbery and shady areas.

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