The Stressgard Advantage

Stressgard technology can be an incredible asset this time of year as many courses are still recovering from winter injury and others are preparing for summer stress.

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The Stressgard Advantage: Three Steps Forward

Stressgard technology can be an incredible asset this time of year as many courses are still recovering from winter injury and others are preparing for summer stress. We have heard the saying “two steps forward, one step back”. Right now for many golf courses, it important for all three steps to move in the right direction. With that said, here are three ways that Stressgard technology can help maintain progress without unwanted setbacks.


1) Preventative disease control

Stressgard Technology is uniquely blended with many of our product solutions. From Mirage Stressgard to Signature XTRA, these products are critical in keeping diseases from affecting spring growth.

For newly seeded areas, it is important to monitor the presence of damping off. Damping off is caused by a number of different Pythium species and can be severe on newly seeded bentgrass surfaces. Frequent irrigation and the use of nitrogen containing fertilizers can be a perfect recipe for damping off. The problem is often exacerbating when the seedling are being grown under a germination cloth.

For established putting greens, now is the time to consider patch disease management strategies. Soil temperatures across much of Canada are between 10 - 15°C. This is a critical time to make preventative applications for fairy ring, take-all patch, brown ring patch, and summer patch. A great Stressgard solution for patch disease management is the DMI fungicide Mirage Stressgard. In addition to outstanding disease control, Mirage Stressgard has extremely high turf tolerance and safety, even on turf managed with plant growth regulators.

2) Enhanced photosynthetic efficiency

The number 1 job of a turfgrass plant is to produce food (carbohydrates) through photosynthesis. One of the key advantages of a Stressgard program is more efficient photosynthesis. The immediate impact of applying a Stressgard formulated solution is not just greener turf. It is the selective radiation management that helps enable more efficient photosynthesis and increases the production of chlorophyll within the plant. This in many ways is different from applying one of many generic pigments. With Stressgard technology, the improved color and turf health comes from the inside out. This becomes increasingly important during a slow growing spring that we are experiencing.


3) Improved root growth

Root growth is important for many of the physiological functions that the plant needs to do in order to survive. Research for the past 20 years has clearly demonstrated improved root architecture when applying Stressgard solutions such as Signature XTRA. Enhancing root growth prior to the onset of summer stress is critical in maintaining healthy playing surfaces in July and August.


Bayer Stressgard solutions can provide an incredible advantage this spring as many golf course superintendents are still recovering from winter related damage. Preventing the setbacks related to disease and abiotic stress is critical in recovering from winter damage and priming your turf for summer stress. One of the great features of Stressgard technology is that it is formulated into a number of different products to keep your turf healthy throughout the entire year.