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Scala SC Greenhouse


Scala SC Greenhouse

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Product Overview

Registered for Botrytis in greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers

Key Features

Scala SC Greenhouse Fungicide, contains a Group 9 fungicide, and is registered for a 7-day control of grey mould (Botrytis cinerea spp). If Botrytis is in the area, it is recommended to use Scala Greenhouse Fungicide as a preventative spray. Consistent preventative sprays for Botrytis can make a significant difference in preventing plant loss. Other practices to reduce Botrytis include clean removal of suckers and leaves, regular fungicide sprays, and environmental control.

Key Benefits

• Group 9 mode of action fungicide
• Excellent resistance management tool
• Reduce risk pesticide
• Translaminar and vapour mode of activity
• Easy handling formulation (liquid flowable)
• Registered for two applications on greenhouse tomatoes per season

Application Rates

// Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Control: Grey mould – Botrytis cinerea

Application Rate: 2 L/ha

Application Interval: 7-day control

Apply Scala Greenhouse Fungicide once only at first sign of Botrytis or as a rotational fungicide with other registered Botrytis control products in a spray program. Scala Greenhouse Fungicide will provide control of Botrytis for 7 days after application depending on disease conditions. Ensure that the crop is covered uniformly by the spray treatment.

Best Practices

Scala SC Greenhouse Fungicide contains a Group 9 fungicide. Any fungal population may contain individuals naturally resistant to Scala SC Greenhouse Fungicide and other Group 9 fungicides. A gradual or total loss of disease control may occur over time if these fungicides are used repeatedly in the same greenhouse production area. Other resistance mechanisms that are not linked to site of action, but specific for individual chemicals, such as enhanced metabolism, may also exist. Appropriate resistance management strategies should be followed.

Use & Safety

When to use

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Where to use

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredient  pyrimethanil 400 g/L
// Group  group 9 fungicide
// Formulation  flowable liquid
// Packaging  case = 8 x 2L

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