Need to Know - Kontos Information Sheet

Kontos insecticide – the only two-way systemic insecticide registered for control of aphid and whitefly in greenhouse grown Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, and Eggplants.


Kontos is a true systemic insecticide. This means that the product can be taken in through the leaves and then move upwards in the xylem, and both upwards and downwards in the phloem within the plant. Such movement of the product within the plant allows for protection of new shoots and of older leaves low down in the canopy. Kontos’ long residual activity (up to 30 days) continues to protect new plant growth and provides excellent, long-term control of aphids and whitefly.

Kontos contains the active ingredient spirotetramat, a Group 23 with a new mode of action from a class of chemistry called tetronic acid. It acts as a Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor (LBI) that inhibits. By inhibiting the insect’s ability to produce lipids, resulting in symptoms of dehydration and subsequent death following exposure.

Rotate Kontos with Altus Insecticide
Kontos is a group 23 insecticide that provides an effective rotational tool for aphid and whitefly control and fits well in a program with Altus (Group 4D).

43 – 60 mL Kontos/100 L water
(see label for details)

Quick Facts
Kontos is labelled for up to 3 applications per crop cycle and is soft on many beneficial insects and mites. Kontos is a suspension concentrate (SC) formulation and is packaged in 1 L bottles. Refer to product label for application instructions and additional information.