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Maxforce Roach


Maxforce Roach

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Product Overview

For use in homes and non-food areas of restaurants.

Key Features

• Contains active ingredient hydramethylnon – industry standard active ingredient for roach and ant control
• Low odour
• Highly effective
• Slow-acting allowing for one contaminated roach to kill many others where they live and breed
• Long residual and remains palatable for as long as you can see the bait
• Formulation contains bitrix, a substance making the bait distasteful to pets

Key Benefits

Excellent for rotating with Maxforce Impact, which contains the active ingredient clothianidin (Group 4 insecticide), formulated with a radically different and improved bait matrix.

Best Practices

• Inspect for harborage sites
• Apply baits directly into or adjacent to roach harborage
• Cracks and crevices
• Into infested voids
• Apply baits along “routes of travel” between harborages and resources (food & water)
• Apply baits in areas where infested goods enter and are stored (i.e. produce, linens, paper goods)
• Smaller, more frequent gel placements provide faster control than larger, less frequent placements

Use & Safety

When to use

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Where to use

What to control


Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients   hydramethylnon
// Mode of Action   insecticidal bait
// Group   20
// Formulation   gel
// Packaging   pre-filled 30 g bait reservoirs