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Product Overview

Increases lateral branching of many potted greenhouse grown ornamental species

Key Features

• Convenient packaging for small or large applications (4 x 1 L case)
• An ethylene-producing chemical that increases branching
• Faster branching with little or no pinching

Application Rates

// New Guinea Impatiens

Mix 104 mL of Florel Plant Growth Regulator in 100 L of water (250 ppm) and apply to thoroughly wet the foliage, but not to runoff

// Begonia, chrysanthemum (perennial species), fuchsia, geranium, sweet potato vine (ipomea), lantana, poinsettia, verbena, and vinca vines (Vinca major)

Mix 208 mL of Florel Plant Growth Regulator in 100 L of water (500 ppm) and apply to thoroughly wet the foliage, but not to runoff

Application Rate

• Use low rate of Florel 104 mL / 100 L under low light conditions and on compact varieties as a strong growth regulating effect can occur under these conditions
• Use of higher rate of Florel Plant Growth Regulator is recommended once experience has been gained with the product on specific crops
• Apply Florel Plant Growth Regulator spray solution within 24 hours after mixing

Best Practices

• To ensure flowering and full foliage on finished plants, do not make applications for 6 to 8 weeks prior to bloom or planned sale
• Not for use on cut flowers
• Do not apply in more than 1 L per 10 m2 of bench space
• DO NOT enter into treated areas during the restricted entry interval (REI) of 12 hours

Use & Safety

When to use

May July August June

Where to use

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredient   ethephon 240 g/L
// Formulation   liquid
// Packaging   case = 4 x 1 L

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