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Luna Privilege Greenhouse


Luna Privilege Greenhouse

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Product Overview

Powdery mildew and botrytis in greenhouse cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Early blight in greenhouse tomato. Botrytis in greenhouse lettuce

Key Features

• Exceptional efficacy for long-lasting disease control
• Systemic upward movement in the plant
• Protects new growth
• Novel active ingredient works to continue controlling fungal strains that have developed resistance to non-SDHI chemistry

Application Rates

// Foliar Broadcast Applications

Greenhouse Cucumbers for Grey Mould    500mL/ha
Greenhouse Peppers for Botrytis Leaf Blight   500mL/ha 
Greenhouse Tomato for Botrytis Stem Canker   500mL/ha
Greenhouse Tomato for Powdery Mildew   100mL/ha
Greenhouse Tomato for Early Blight   150-300mL/ha
Greenhouse Lettuce for Botrytis Rot   500mL/ha

// Drip/Drench Application

Greenhouse Tomato for Grey Mould   40 mL per 100 plants
Greenhouse Tomato for Botrytis Leaf Blight   40 mL per 100 plants
Greenhouse Tomato for Botrytis Stem Canker   40 mL per 100 plants

Best Practices

• Do not apply under low light conditions as crop injury may occur
• Rotate Luna Privilege Greenhouse Fungicide with other non-SDHI (group 7) fungicides
• Wait a minimum of six weeks between making a subsequent application of Luna Privilege Greenhouse Fungicide
• When treating as a foliar application, DO NOT apply Luna Privilege Greenhouse Fungicide in tank mixture with other pesticides, fertilizers or adjuvants
• Conduct a test for crop sensitivity on a small number of plants before considering application to the entire crop as not all varieties have been tested for phytotoxicity under all conditions. When testing a small number of plants, wait at least one week after application to determine sensitivity. Do not apply to the crop if any negative or adverse crop response is observed, or if a test for sensitivity was not conducted
• Use a minimum spray volume of 1000 L per Ha
• Do not apply more than 500 g of fluopyram per hectare per season

Use & Safety

When to use

April May June July August September October

Where to use

What to control

Powdery Mildrew

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredient   fluopyram 500 g/L
// FRAC Code  group 7 (SDHI)
// Systemicity   acropetal
// Formulation  suspension concentrate
// REI  12 hours
// PHI  can be applied up until day of harvest for tomato, cucumber and peppers. Lettuce requires a 7 day PHI

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