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DeltaGard SC

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DeltaGard SC

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Product Overview

A highly effective, fast acting contact insecticide used at very low rates to control ants, chinch bugs, cutworm, sod webworm, and ticks in turf. DeltaGard SC contains the active ingredient deltamethrin, a third generation pyrethroid insecticide.

Key Features

• Highly efficacious
• Fast acting
• Broad-spectrum surface insecticide
• Third generation (improved) synthetic pyrethroid
• Very low use rates
• Easy to mix and apply liquid formulation
• Low odour
• Excellent fit for IPM

Application Rates

// Chinch bugs, sod webworms, cutworms, ants

Ground: Apply when insects are present or signs of insect feeding are visible. A second application may be necessary in 2-3 weeks time, where heavy infestations occur. For dense turfgrass canopies and/or turf maintained under high mowing heights, and/or turf with thatch, minimum water volumes of 10 L per 100 m2 are recommended to ensure material moves through the thatch.

1.2 L/ha in 600-1500 L of water per ha (12 mL/100 m2 in 6-15 L of water per 100 m2)

// Ticks

Apply DeltaGard SC as a coarse wet spray to areas in a minimum of 8 L of water per 100 m2 as follows:

Apply as a 3 metre band to turf areas around property lines or around structures such as dog houses, kennels, sidewalks, pathways or patios where ticks are a problem. Turf areas that are of particular importance to observe for ticks include those adjacent to forested areas, stonewalls, ornamental plantings and other areas where there is overgrown vegetation. Reduce tick habitat through landscape management practices including but not limited to mowing the turf and removal of weeds, leaf litter and other debris where ticks are found.

12 mL product per 100 m2 in a minimum of 8 L of water per 100 m2

Best Practices

For dense turfgrass canopies and/or turf maintained under high mowing heights, water volumes of greater than 10 L per 100 m2 are recommended. Delay irrigation or mowing for 24 hours following application.

Use & Safety

When to use

May June July April

Where to use

Golf Lawn Turf

What to control

Blacklegged Ticks Sod Webworm

Application rates and delivery

  • Active Ingredients // deltamethrin 50 g/L
  • FRAC Code // 3A (pyrethroid)
  • Systemicity // controls through contact and/or ingestion
  • Formulation // suspension concentrate
  • Signal Word // danger

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