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Product Overview

Tetrino simplifies insect management programs by providing flexible application timing and broad-spectrum control of multiple turf insects.

Key Features

• Insect management program flexibility:
- One product to control grubs, ABW, caterpillars and chinch bugs
- Flexible, low use rates for sustainable insect control
- Minimal to no watering requirements for white grub and ABW control, respectively

• Application timing flexibility: 
- Rapid plant uptake and translocation with excellent residual efficacy
- Preventative and early curative control of Japanese beetle and European chafer
- Unlike other diamide chemistries, it has a flexible application window for season-long white grub control when applied in June, July or August

• Spectrum of control flexibility: 
- Best-in-class preventative and curative ABW control for season-long protection
- Controls asynchronous ABW larval populations throughout spring and summer
- The only insecticide in Canada that controls white grubs, ABW, chinch bugs, bluegrass billbugs, cutworms and turf caterpillars with one product

Application Rates

Tetrino provides rapid preventative and early curative control across a spectrum of insect pests. Apply at 11.6 – 23.2 mL per 100 m2, depending on the insect pest and history of pest pressure. Use the highest rate in areas with chronic infestations. Per label recommendations, allow a minimum of four weeks between applications.

Best Practices

White grubs: use 23.2 mL per 100 m2. For optimal control, apply during times of peak adult beetle flight through egg hatch. For best control, lightly irrigate treated turf with approximately 5 mm of water after application.

Annual bluegrass weevil: use 11.6 – 23.2 mL per 100 m2. Apply when early instar larvae begin to infest turf. In Southern Ontario and Southwestern Quebec, this usually happens in late May and early June, depending on weather. For control of second generation ABW, make another application in mid-July.

Cutworms and sod webworms: use 11.6 – 23.2 mL per 100 m2. Apply at first sign of insect activity. For best results, delay watering and mowing for 24 hours after application.

Chinch bugs and billbugs: use 11.6 – 23.2 mL per 100 m2. Apply when adults are first observed in June or July.

Always read and carefully follow product label for complete reference on application instructions and control options.

Use & Safety

When to use

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Where to use

Golf Lawn Turf

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients    Tetraniliprole
// IRAC Code    Group 28 insecticide
// Systemicity   xylem systemic
// Formulation   suspension concentrate
// Case Size   4 x 2 L
// Rates 11.6mL - 23.2mL

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