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Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) is a noxious weed and has been recognized as a problem weed since the late 1700’s. Its impact is widespread in cultivated fields, hay crops, pastures and rangelands, non-crop lands, forests and banks of waterways.

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Canada thistle causes serious yield losses in many field and horticultural crops with severe infestations reported to cause losses as high as 50% in corn, 60% in wheat and up to 70% in potatoes. Control of this weed is legislated in many provinces due to its serious impact on agricultural crops.

Envu Solutions - Canada Thistle

No matter what kind of vegetation management problems you’re up against, Envu has a full range of solutions to help you take control.

For more information, download the Canada thistle solution sheet or contact your local Territory Sales Manager or Canada thistle control strategies specific to your needs. s.

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