Ant Control: An Integrated Approach

Ants are the number one nuisance pest for call backs. Each species has their own behavioural characteristics, preferred nesting sites and food sources that can present a number of unique challenges. An integrated approach is always the best strategy for effective control that lasts.

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Look for ant trails, nests and conditions conducive to infestation. Think about where ants get their food, water and shelter. Pay attention to foraging paths where ants like to travel, such as expansion joints, foundation walls, structural edges and along cupboards indoors.


Proper species identification is crucial. This can help determine where the colony may be located, the preferred food source and the type of control strategies and products that will be most effective. Get to know the major species and adjust your attack as needed. See the Envu solution sheet more information on how to control Pharoah ants.

Ant control

Take Action

Start by reducing resources in the perimeter zone. Make customers aware of any food sources near the foundation and recommend plants that are less attractive to ants. Most ant problems originate outdoors. Locate and seal any ant-friendly access points, including overhanging trees and shrubs or foliage that touches the building.

Limit moisture by keeping mulch around beds to less than three inches. Clean up leaf debris and clogged gutters to reduce moisture that may attract ants and other perimeter pests.

Focus Your Strategy

Target your service on the queens and brood. The queen is the reproductive engine, and the brood supplies her fuel source. Take time to inspect and locate ant nests. Remember that only a small percentage of workers are outside the nest at one time.

Effective, long-lasting economical ant-control

Envu Solutions

Consider all available formulations for a multi-point strategy, including baits, liquid residuals and dust.

Maxforce® Quantum ant bait is a long-lasting, broad-spectrum, indoor/outdoor ant bait for sweet feeding ants. Quantum contains imidacloprid and was designed to specifically target the queen(s) and brood. Unlike other liquid and gel baits, Quantum stays moist for months to reduce call backs.

Suspend® PolyZone® is a new formulation of Deltamethrin that contains proprietary polymer formulation technology. It resists weathering and can last for up to 90 days. Suspend PolyZone can be applied as a broadcast on the structure. It can also be applied as a perimeter treatment 1 m off the structure and 1 m up. In addition, it is labeled for ant control on lawns and other turf areas, as well as a spot treatment and crack and crevice treatment indoors.

Temprid® SC is a dual active ingredient product with extended residual control that is ideal for perimeter treatments. It can be applied on the exterior and interior of structures, is labelled for foam or mist application in voids, and has been shown to reduce call backs by over 60 per cent.

Dust formulations may also have advantages in some instances, especially in wall voids. Drione® can be applied in voids and offers both quick knockdown and long residual control against ants and other perimeter pests.

For more information about ant control, integrated pest management or any of the recommended products, contact your local Territory Sales Manager or visit our pest management page.

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