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Maxforce Quantum


Maxforce Quantum

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Product Overview

Long-lasting, effective and economical control of most major ant species.

Key Features

• Easy and economical to apply
• Ideal for quarterly service accounts or whenever extended control of ants is desired
• Reduces callbacks on ant control services
• Easily consumed by foraging ants, which return to the colony to feed bait to larvae and the queen(s)
• Delayed action kill eliminates the entire colony
• Clear, odourless formula
• Flexible label for indoor and outdoor use in residential and commercial accounts
• Apply as crack-and-crevice or in a bait station

Application Rates

Indoor and outdoor use – Apply 0.2 g of bait (approx. 1 cm spot or 7 cm line) per linear metre as a crack and crevice or spot treatment.

Refillable bait stations may also be used – do not exceed the capacity of the station’s reservoir to a maximum of 2 g bait per bait station – see label for detailed instructions.

Place bait in areas of known foraging activity, along foraging trails and into nest sites. A careful inspection will help to identify sites suitable for bait placement; also, resident interviews can help to identify areas where ant activity has been observed. Apply bait into cracks, crevices, holes or other small openings where ants travel. Apply bait in small spots or beads on horizontal surfaces wherever possible as bait will not adhere well to vertical surfaces. During follow-up visits inspect bait placement and reapply as needed.

Maxforce Quantum’s special formulation has been designed with sustainable development as a key focus to help reduce your carbon footprint.

• Maxforce Quantum’s low dose (0.2 g/m2)
• Reduces the number of callbacks
• Reduces storage needs
• Reduces transportation costs
• Reduces water consumption (as no mixing required)

Use & Safety

When to use

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Where to use

Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients   imidacloprid 0.03%
// Mode of Action   insecticidal bait
// Group   4 insecticide
// Formulation   liquid
// Packaging   120 g bottle

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