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DeltaGard 20EW


DeltaGard 20EW

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Product Overview

To control mosquitoes in residential, industrial, urban/municipal and recreational areas.

Key Features

// Key Strengths 

• Fast knockdown and control of mosquitoes
• Low application rates
• No visible residue


• DeltaGard 20EW kills all adult mosquitoes quickly – in as few as 10-15 minutes – with no knockdown recovery
• Diluted product may be held in a tank for at least one week; normal transport provides sufficient agitation to re-suspend diluted product. Follow all product label instructions regarding application and storage


• Low use rate
• Deltamethrin, a Type II pyrethroid, has been proven to effectively control mosquitoes resistant to other pyrethroids in Canada
• Because of their strong tendency to adsorb to soils and organic matter, pyrethroids are unlikely to undergo significant migration from areas of direct application, except on particulates that are carried by wind or water

Key Benefits

// DeltaGard 20EW Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology  (FFAST®)

All the performance of a traditional oil-based spray, but with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The active ingredient in DeltaGard 20EW is dissolved in a non-VOC oil. In a final spray, the active oil droplet is encased in the FFAST technology. There is no particle present. The active ingredient (AI) is in a dissolved state and will behave more like an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) than a typical suspension concentrate (SC). The DeltaGard formulation is an oil-in-water emulsion where active oil phase is dispersed into water.

Best Practices

• Can be used in residential, industrial, urban/municipal and recreational areas
• Areas of use include parks, campsites, athletic fields, golf courses, playgrounds, roadsides, dumps, junkyards and tire dumps
• Can be applied to control adult mosquitoes in non-crop areas adjacent to cropland
• Apply DeltaGard 20EW with truck- or vehicle-mounted non-thermal Ultra Low Volume (ULV) sprayers to control adult mosquitoes
• The highest label rate is recommended for dense vegetation and when targeting difficult to control species of mosquitoes
• Apply when mosquitoes are most active and meteorological conditions are conducive to keeping the spray cloud in the air column close to the ground
• Application during the cooler hours of the night or early morning is recommended
• Apply when wind speed is equal to or greater than 1.6 kilometres per hour (KPH)
• DO NOT reapply more than once every 3 days
• DO NOT exceed 10 applications per year

Use & Safety

When to use

May June July August September

Where to use

What to control


Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients   deltamethrin 20 g/L
// Application Rate   25 mL – 75 mL per ha
// Pests Controlled   adult mosquitoes
// Group   3A pyrethroid
// Formulation   suspension
// Signal Word    potential skin sensitizer
// Packaging   case = 2 x 10 L

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