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Navius FLEX


Navius FLEX

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Product Overview

Dependable, broad-spectrum weed and brush control in one easy-to-use, flexible formulation.

Key Features

• Superior brush and weed control for over 43 weed species, as well as undesirable brush/woody plants in non-crop areas
• Warm moist conditions following treatment promotes activity of Navius FLEX
• Length of control is dependent on rate, condition, growth stage of target weeds, and environmental conditions during and after application
• Long-term weed and brush control occurs when grasses and other desired vegetation are allowed to recover from adverse environmental conditions and compete with undesirable brush or weeds
• Controls noxious and invasive weeds as part of a land management plan
• No grazing or haying restrictions
• Convenient and easy to use packaging
• Low-odour, dry formulation mixes easily and remains in suspension
• Rain-fast at 4 hours after application

Application Rates

Aminocyclopyrachlor, one of the active ingredients in Navius FLEX herbicide, stops the growth of plants by interfering with the hormonal balance necessary for normal shoot and root development. The herbicide has unique features that act via a distinctive mechanism to target a family of auxin receptor complexes. Metsulfuron-methyl, a Group 2 herbicide, causes the rapid cessation of plant cell division and growth.

Best Practices

• Navius FLEX promotes the grass understory and helps preserve desirable vegetation
• Two modes of action for effective resistance management
• Quickly taken up by the leaves, stems and roots of plants
• Low use rates per hectare for reduced chemical load on the environment
• Grazing animals do not have to be moved off the pasture or rangeland before, during or after applying Navius FLEX
• Brush and broadleaf weed control with one product

Use & Safety

When to use

April May June July August September

Where to use


Application rates and delivery

// Active Ingredients metsulfuron-methyl 12.6% aminocyclopyrachlor 39.5%
// Mode of Action   auxinic and ALS inhibitor
// Group   2 and 4
// Formulation   wettable granule
// Packaging   case = 8 x 1.361 kg