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TurfView™ key benefits include:

  • 14-day weather forecast that uses precise golf course location to predict pest models.
  • 365 days of weather data including air temps, wind, humidity, precipitation & soil temps.
  • Ability to export all weather and graph data into yearly pdf for your records, (Historical tab)
  • GDD Base 50F model for ABW & White Grub tracking.
  • GDD Base 45F model for Chinch bug tracking.
  • GDD Base 32F model for Crabgrass & Annual Bluegrass Seedhead pre -emergent application.
  • Plant Growth Regulator GSS re -application calculator.
  • Smith Kerns Dollar Spot Model.
  • Soil temperature data for Take all Patch and Summer Patch application timing.
  • Cool season Turfgrass Growth Potential tracking.
  • HDD tracking for Snow Mould application timing
Stressgard Advantage Club Exclusive

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To discuss your specific needs or to learn more, please contact an Envu representative.

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