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Compass 50 WG


Compass 50 WG

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Product Overview

Providing broad-spectrum disease control on turfgrass plants, as well as ornamental plantings.

Key Features

• Has a high affinity with the plant surface and is absorbed by the waxy layers of the plant.
• Once embedded into the waxy layer, Compass 50 WG provides a secure reservoir of locked-in, long-lasting protection on the plant surface.
• Is redistributed locally on the surface of the plant by the surface moisture.
• Redistributes on the plant surface and adjacent blades by limited vapour movement and reabsorption.
• Provides oxidative stress reduction in turfgrass plants.

Application Rates

• Apply Compass 50 WG as part of a preventive fungicide program prior to the onset of disease outbreaks for best results.
• Compass 50 WG, like all QoI fungicides, should be rotated in a spray program according to the appropriate label recommendations, paying close attention to the consecutive applications that can be applied.
• Compass 50 WG fungicide is proven to be effective when a rainfall event occurs within 2-6 hours post-application; however, for best results, especially for diseases that occur in moist conditions, please allow Compass 50 WG to dry on leaf surface.

Best Practices

• Controls spring and fall diseases like leaf spots and Microdochium patch.
• Effective on all warm- and cool-season species of leaf spot.
• Strong control of pink snow mould and Microdochium patch (a.k.a. Fusarium patch).
• Consistent preventive and curative brown patch control.
• Controls both foliar and basal rot anthracnose without the risk of negative DMI turf growth effects.
• Combine Compass with Signature XTRA Stressgard for summer decline management.

Use & Safety

When to use

May June July August September

Where to use


Application rates and delivery

  • Active Ingredients // trifloxystrobin (50%); equivalent to 500 g trifloxystrobin per kg of product
  • FRAC Code // 11 (QoI fungicides)
  • Systemicity // localized penetrant /translaminar
  • Formulation // wettable granule
  • Signal Word // caution

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