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Dedicate Stressgard


Dedicate Stressgard

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Product Overview

A powerful fungicide that targets root and foliar diseases in the summer and snow mould in the winter.

Key Features


• Provides winterlong protection against snow mould diseases to keep fairways and greens in excellent shape

The only co-formulated strobilurin-based fungicide

• When pre-mixed with Tebuconazole, it offers excellent protection against pink and gray snow mould

• Preventative control of summer patch, dollar spot, and anthracnose

• Also controls Microdochium patch, brown patch, and leaf spot

• Stressgard technology delivers excellent color retention in the fall and outstanding turfgrass quality in the spring

Application Rates

Dedicate Stressgard was designed exclusively for the Canadian golf market. Its turf-specific formulation delivers the lowest amount of A.I. compared to any other conventional snow mould fungicide and offers excellent application flexibility. Unlike many other snow mould fungicides, Dedicate Stressgard provides a simple and flexible rate structure that can be tailored to your needs, expectations and budget.


See product label for complete reference on control options and application instructions. Always read and carefully follow label instructions.

Best Practices


• For snow mould, apply once or twice in the fall prior to permanent snow cover

• Use the high rate in areas with historically high disease pressure

• Consider tank-mixing with a contact fungicide in areas with more than 145 days of snow cover

• For patch diseases, begin Dedicate Stressgard preventative applications when soil temperatures reach 15-18°C at a 5 cm soil depth and continue as needed, on a 14-to-28-day interval

• Use the highest rate and shortest interval under severe disease pressure and where there is a prior history of disease

Use & Safety

When to use

April May June July August September October November

Where to use

Outdoors Golf

Application rates and delivery

  • Active Ingredients // tebuconazole (17%), trifloxystrobin (4.25%), equivalent 190g/L, tebuconazole and 48 g/L trifloxystrobin
  • FRAC Code // 3 + 11 (DMI + QoI)
  • Systemicity // acropetal and translaminar
  • Formulation // suspension
  • Signal Word // warning

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